The Coolest 100

Client | Streets

From Golden Gaytime to Bubble O’Bill, Streets’ ice creams are some of Australia’s most iconic frozen snacks. Over several years these mischievous social commentators been offering pun-tastic commentary on Australian summer moments.

One of these is Triple J’s Hottest 100. The countdown is celebrated with gatherings around the country, it connects millions and creates a huge amount of conversation online, especially on Facebook.

Every year, the songs that make the cut are hotly debated on Facebook, so the opportunity became clear: insert Streets’ fun-loving ice creams into the Hottest 100 social conversation.

Streets’ ice creams love to talk, so with the 2019 Hottest 100 set to be the biggest on record, we decided to join the conversation by creating a countdown of our own; the #Coolest100.

Over the eight-hour broadcast, Streets posted a #Coolest100 parody against every single song announced, commented on fan posts, celebrated the artists and their songs whilst at the same time raising $10,000 for the countdown’s charity partner, Lifeline.