G'day, this is Mango

We deliver smart, creative communications, designed to spark conversations, create lasting memories and move people into action.

Mango offers specialist expertise in public relations, social media, influencer marketing, content creation and experiential.

What we do

Public relations

At the heart of it, everything we do is about creating conversations and ensuring people are engaged with what we do for our clients.

Social media

Amidst the tsunami of social media, we create social content and consumer-centric communications that deliver the best results for organisations and brands.

Events & Experiential

The best events and experiences move people to take action. Our work creates an emotional connection between the brand and consumers, influencing behaviour.

Corporate comms

Reputation management sits at the core of corporate communications – whether it is building, enhancing or protecting it. We offer services to ensure all of these are supported.


We live in a world of over consumption and low attention. Our work infiltrates culture and takes consumers on a digital connective brand journey.


Through our strong relationships and understanding of our clients’ brands, we help companies navigate the world of influencers, recommending best fit and delivering ROI.