Develop an activation concept to drive consumer engagement in the Westpac ‘Emergency Cash’ service, that could be in market approximately two weeks from brief.

To bring to life the human element of the Emergency Cash service we created 10 ATM body suits and a roll out plan to send our fleet of Human Westpac ATMs onto the streets to talk to members of the public about their experience of losing their wallet.

32 locations visited across Sydney and Melbourne
27,170 direct engagements
14,610 branded mints distributed
$15,400 handed out securely by promo staff
3 pieces of content filmed and shared  on social media
Over 8,000 online views of content
Tie in with radio promotion on KISS FM (Sydney) and MIX FM (Melbourne)
Distribution partnership with mX featuring ‘Emergency Cash’ coverwrap leading to a 400% increase in newspaper distribution in some locations