Mango was asked to execute a campaign that integrated with IKEA’s new brand ATL and gave IKEA a strong point of view on how Australians live in and around their homes.


In order to have an opinion on Australian family life, IKEA, as a Swedish brand, firstly needed to understand it. Mango commissioned an in-depth research study, which used qualitative and quantitative data and involved the opinion of children as young as six, teenagers and parents.

The research revealed true insights into Australian families, which were used to inform and shape a report, named ‘The Time to Live Report’. The report was used to create compelling hooks and debate topics for media.

A targeted media relations strategy was developed using a series of exclusives and real-life case studies to bring the stats to life. The report itself was designed into a glossy booklet, which was seeded with 100 key media targets in news, parenting and interiors media.

Key findings included: 

  • Kids and adults of adults agree that the best family times are unplanned
  • Kids want to spend more time with their family doing spontaneous simple things
  • Parents currently feel over scheduled and pressured by modern life

A short content piece was also created for the IKEA social media channels and digital media outlets. 18 Australian families were invited in-store to be filmed having a morning of family fun in the IKEA room-sets, to show how they spent time at home.


  • 100 IKEA Time to Live reports sent to key influencers
  • Coverage included a segment on Channel 9 Today with the hosts debating the findings of the report and IKEA’s point of view
  • Metro print coverage included; Daily Life, The Daily Telegraph, Courier Mail, Herald Sun and The Advertiser
  • The audience reach of the campaign to date is 5,243,000 (campaign still in progress)