ikea kitchenIssue:

Mango was asked to implement a news generation tactic that hi-jacked the news agenda around the 2013 Australian Federal Election and built brand love in the Australian market.


The idea was to poke fun at the two leading PM candidates, Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott, with a tongue-in-cheek news story that bought all Australians into the joke by tapping into existing conversations around the Australian election.

The Lodge was set to have a new resident, so IKEA offered each would-be Prime Minister inspiration for his new kitchen thereby highlighting some of IKEA’s kitchen solutions. Each set design reflected various quirks and personality traits of the relevant party leaders in their design, such as:

ÅBBUTT Kitchen

  • STOOLA: This  stool  has  supportive  legs  and   comfortable  cushioning  to  accommodate  corporate  patriarchs  and   other  heavyweights  that  come  to   visit
  • ELECTRIK  OVENAA: Electric  hob  and  oven  with  extra   safety  features,  so  you  never  have   to  find  your  inner  firefighter
  • WOOPSIE MOPPA: Easy to access mop, to help quickly clean up the mess from any accidental leaking of right-wing viewpoints and other social gaffs

RUDDIK Kitchen

  • FOTO FRAMIA: Large, wall mountable frame, ideal for displaying family photos or reinforcing the support for your favourite political player, even if it is of yourself
  • SVER-JARREN: Guilty  of  letting  the  occasional  bad   word  slip?  Repent  with  this  large   swear  jar,  perfect  for  storing  loose   change
  • KNIVENRACKEM: Handy  knife  rack  that  keeps  knives   in  the  open  and  accounted  for,  to   avoid  being  stabbed  in  the  back  by   fellow  party  members  or  ex-PMs   planning  revenge


  • Total audience reach of 17,560,403
  • IKEA’s Facebook posts generated 2,979 total interactions and a reach of 472,344 people on Facebook, all of which were unsupported by adspend
  • Coverage in key print publications including The Guardian Australia and mX
  • Features syndicated across the News Corp online network
  • The dedicated IKEA Election Campaign landing page received 26,861 views between 27 August and 2 September
  • The campaign was talked about on twitter by key influencers such as; B&T Magazine, Clementine Ford (Daily Life Columnist), Latika Bourke (Reporter for Parliament House & ABC)