IKEA: In Bed With Australia Research


IKEA tasked Mango with raising awareness of the IKEA bedroom and bathroom range, whilst also demonstrating the brand’s understanding of everyday life at home for Australians.


Mango commissioned an in-depth, independent research study on behalf of the brand, to find out what Aussies really get up to in the bedroom.

Focusing on two of the most private rooms in the house, the bedroom and bathroom, the research saw IKEA go behind closed doors in a quest to uncover unique insights that would create talkability in the media.

Mango knew that these topics were well-trodden ground in terms of research studies, so it was important that questions took a new and newsworthy angle.

The results of the research formed the ‘In Bed with Australia’ study, which revealed some quirky stats for media, including:

  • A quarter of Aussies would let their pets sleep on their pillow
  • Nearly half of adult men still have childhood toys on their bed
  • One in seven adults eat dinner in bed, and eight per cent wait over two months before washing their sheets
  • 14 per cent of Aussie men use their bedroom as a garage space
  • 28 per cent of singles have been turned off by the state of a prospective partner’s bedroom
  • More than a third of adults would be too embarrassed to show a new partner their bedroom

To break the news, an exclusive was secured with The Sunday Telegraph, featuring real-life case studies, which brought the findings to life and ensured we had fantastic PR vision. The print exclusive sparked conversation on broadcast media the following day with the ‘In Bed With Australia’ report providing Sunrise, Today and Studio 10, with provocative talking points for presenters and audiences alike. Following on from the TV coverage, radio stations across Australia also included the findings in their news bulletins hitting 12 stations.


  • Coverage included 75 individual hits, with highlights inculding; Sunrise, Today Show, Studio 10, Sunday Telegraph, mX Brisbane, 2GB, 4BC and Fox FM
  • Total audience reach including social media of over 26 million worldwide