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Mango was tasked to showcase the IKEA bedroom and bathroom range, in a campaign that would celebrate the IKEA New Year, new prices and a commercial focus on bedroom and bathroom. It was vital that the campaign positioned IKEA as the leader in bedroom and bathroom, drove positive media coverage of the range and ultimately increased visitation.

The timing of the campaign came two weeks after the launch of the 2015 IKEA Catalogue and a week after a major research piece, so IKEA needed a big idea to capture the attention of journalists and customers alike.


To showcase the IKEA bedroom and bathroom range in a way that would grab headlines, Mango tapped in to the social zeitgeist by facilitating a collaboration between IKEA and popular holiday listing site, Airbnb, that saw the IKEA store in Tempe become the newest accommodation listing on the website.  Aussie families were invited to tell IKEA why they should be chosen to spend a night in the big blue box.

Mango revealed Sydney’s newest and most unique accommodation listing, to targeted news, lifestyle and tech media across Australia and the globe.

The announcement of the listing was a huge success and on the day of the launch. Mango first secured the front page of mX Sydney before the story was syndicated across Fairfax and News Corp. News was soon going viral and by the end of the first day of the listing being live, the likes of Mashable, The Huffington Post, The Daily Mail, Time Magazine and Gizmodo had all covered Sydney’s newest and most unique accommodation option.

In the first 24 hours there were over 16,000 individual tweets from all over the world and social media heavyweights, Time Magazine, Mashable and USA Today were all talking about the campaign via social media.

Over 1000 entries were then whittled down to three lucky families who were invited to spend an unforgettable night at the IKEA Tempe store. Lifestyle media were invited to take a sneak peek at the bedroom settings and enjoy a tour from the Head of Interior Design for IKEA Australia, Tiffany Buckins.

To give the campaign one more media hit, Mango used research to find the three dream ways that Australians would like to be woken up if alarm clocks didn’t exist. A string quartet, three adorable puppies and a gourmet breakfast greeted our families as they woke up, creating fantastic media moments, which were turned into a video news release.


  • Coverage included 242 individual pieces across TV, radio, print and online, including the likes of mX Sydney,, Time Magazine, Courier Mail, The Daily Mail and Mashable
  • The campaign reached nearly 800 million consumers worldwide