Issue/Brief: To create an interactive, fun experience that increases leads, bookings and product awareness for Britz self-drive experiences in the Northern Territory.

Idea: We brought a little piece of the Northern Territory to the doorstep of Melbourne with a 2 day pop-up activation at Luna Park Forecourt. Right in the middle of St Kilda’s busiest season, Britz and NT Tourism combined to give passersby the opportunity to ‘Put themselves in the picture’. They chose their props from the Britz van on site, then posed with a snake, lizard or baby crocodile against a green screen set up within the van’s awning.

Participants selected one of three magnificent Northern Territory locations to be superimposed into. The second step was to choose one of three Britz vehicles to appear in their overlay. Both steps were designed to prompt consumers into imagining the van within the NT locations, and organically connecting both brands.


  • 39% of all participants shared on social media
  • 96% of all emails opened
  • 69.3% of all emails clicked through to site
  • 1.03 min was the average time spent on the microsite
  • 39% of all participants shared on social media
  • A total reach of over 71,000 people