ANZ  are a key sponsor of the Australian Open and tasked Mango with activating their sponsorship through social media while bringing to life their sponsorship proposition of ‘Support’

The ANZ #SupportTeam campaign literally brought the concept of support to life with the creation of a physically support team who performed random acts of kindness during the Australian Open


The #SupportTeam was made up of 10 #SupportTeamers, 2 Mango ground coordinators, 2 Mango HQ social monitors, a 3 man film crew and a bus

Executed in 40°C+ heat over 4 days, the #SupportTeam performed random acts of kindness identified through Twitter, Facebook and on the ground  travelling on the #SupportTeam bus to support opportunities

Those who wanted support simply had to tweet at ANZ or post to their Facebook page, and the #SupportTeam appeared – whether moving boxes, asking for tennis tickets or even a hug!

The #SupportTeam antics were filmed along the way and turned into content that continued the story after the event


  • 15 acts of support were conducted over 4 days
  • 1.5 million social reach
  • 8,000+ engagements